Camera & Bug Detector

Spy Camera Detector, Wireless Camera Detector, GSM Camera Detector, Wireless Bug Detector, UHF Bug Detector, GSM Bug Detector 

Detailed Descriptions:

Not long ago came spy cameras with wireless technology. Now, behold, counter intelligence with a camera lens locator and wireless signal detector. Always stay one step ahead.

This counter Spy device ensures security and safety and lets you know if you are being spied upon. Spy devices emit a wireless signal that is received by a receiver. Any wireless signal being emitted between the frequency ranges of 1 - 6500MHz can be detected by this spy detector.

With world wide elevated security and big brother always on the look out, you just never know. This wifi signal and camera lens detector helps you counter spying and surveillance. From hidden camera lenses to Wifi signals being emitted, you will be able to detect and find exactly where the spy cameras are and where the Wi-Fi signals are coming from.

Scope of application:
    • Detect whether your car or office wireless eavesdropping devices to be installed, wireless listening devices
    • Detect whether the phone has been tapped or abnormal (standby transmit signals from outside for no reason)
    • Your car to detect whether the eavesdropping device was installed GPS tracking, GPS location tracker
    • Detecting your working environment and residential buildings have rooftop base station radiation
    • Detection SMS send and receive signals, cell phone internet signals, cell phone switch and call signals
    • Detect wireless network signal, cell phone base station signal s, wireless motioning system of the filed strength
    • Detect whether the leakage of household electrical appliances such as microwave ovens, etc on the human body against electromagnetic radiation
    • Detect whether they have been living in the environment know as the "mobile phone killer" strong radiation
    • Detect whether the circumstances are suspicious live radio signals
    • Detect more covert videotaping 5.8GHz wireless camera, wireless eavesdropping devices, wireless monitor the signal
    • Check hotels, toilets, entertainment venues, changing rooms, anti-wireless pinhole camera
    • Business negotiations, school examiner places, factories, military facilities or government agencies eavesdrop anti-photographed
    • In the ATM machine withdrawals, movie theaters, concerts, art galleries or museums such as anti-wireless photographed
    • Purchase of buildings, first to detect whether the electromagnetic radiation hazards to human health.

  • Specification
    • Primary Function: Wifi Detector and Camera Lens Finder
    • Material: Hard Molded Plastic
    • Detecting Wave Distance: 920nm
    • Receiving Range: 1MHz - 6500 MHz
    • Optic Lens: Professional Grade IR Lens
    • Power: Rechargeable Internal Battery
    • On Board Buttons:
    • - Retractable Antenna
    • - Sensitivity +/- Control
    • - OFF, Audio Alarm, Proximity Alarm, LED Indicators Fro Proximity Detection
    • Dimensions: L: 107 x W:50 x D:17 (mm)
    • Manufacturers Ref: LUI878FP982F

IR Laser Detector:
    1. Slide selector switch to the laser position.  To start the IR laser detector.  The IR laser will then begin to flash.
    2. Point the light beam towards the area of room for a hidden camera is suspected.  Look through the eyepiece of the device.  Slowly and methodically scan the room to look for hidden cameras. 
    3. The lens of a hidden camera will appear as a bright point of blinking light when you illuminate it would be IR laser detector. 
    4. Scan slowly enough so that you can take time to examine the room in the eyepiece for the blinking light.
Wireless RF Detector:
    1. Slide selector switch and select the vibration mode or audible detection mode.  Depending on which you choose.
    2. Adjust the sensitivity until the first green light flashes, and then start to detect around the room. 
    3. As you make your sweep and close in on your target.  The green LED will light one by one, which is indicating that the wireless signal strength is getting stronger meaning you slide closing in on the Source signal. 
    4. When all of the LED lights are on the alarm of our vibration is range.  That indicates that the target was found.

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