Latest BPR4

Latest BPR4 Six in one Spy Pen Camera (Shockproof)

Brand name : BPR [Business Portable Recorder] [European Quality]

Type: 4-B (Latest)

Latest BPR4 Shockproof Spy Pen Camera is 6 in 1 and it can be use as:

  1. Video & Audio Recorder (both at the same time)
  2. Only Sound Recorder
  3. Photo taker
  4. Web cam
  5. 4GB USB Drive
  6. Working Ball Point
 Built-In Time/Date stamp, which you can enable or disable according to your needs.

Shock Proof Function of Pen Camera: It takes 3 still images at a time so you will get at least one crystal clear image even when you are walking or moving your hand.

Advance VGA (Equal to 6 Mega Pixels)

Video Resolution:
1280*960 [Although default resolution of Spy pen recorder is 640*480 but it will be clear till 1280*960].

Video Format: AVI

Frame Rate: 30 fps

Photo Size: 3264*2448
  • Width : 3264
  • Height: 2448

Battery Time:
  Approximately 2 Hours.

Memory: 4gb

  • 4GB DVR Pen
  • USB Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Software CD
  • User Manual
Price:  7,600

Price of BPR4 Six in one Spy Pen Camera is

Price of MIR Six in one Pen Camcorder is 5,500

Price of MP9 Pen Camera is 3,000