Camera & Bug Detector

Spy Camera Detector, Wireless Camera Detector, GSM Camera Detector, Wireless Bug Detector, UHF Bug Detector, GSM Bug Detector 

Detailed Descriptions:

Not long ago came spy cameras with wireless technology. Now, behold, counter intelligence with a camera lens locator and wireless signal detector. Always stay one step ahead.

This counter Spy device ensures security and safety and lets you know if you are being spied upon. Spy devices emit a wireless signal that is received by a receiver. Any wireless signal being emitted between the frequency ranges of 1 - 6500MHz can be detected by this spy detector.

With world wide elevated security and big brother always on the look out, you just never know. This wifi signal and camera lens detector helps you counter spying and surveillance. From hidden camera lenses to Wifi signals being emitted, you will be able to detect and find exactly where the spy cameras are and where the Wi-Fi signals are coming from.

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IR Laser Detector:

Wireless RF Detector: