Motion Detection Clock

Motion Detection Clock Spy Camera With Remote Control Function

Latest Multi functional Motion Detection Spy Clock Camera with Remote Control Function is available in Islamabad, Pakistan.

It is just like a normal time piece (table clock), Camera is 100% untraceable, It does not show any indication or status light. Built-In Time/Date stamp.

Support Maximum 32 GB Memory, Resolution 640*480 VGA @ 30 fps, 10-12 hours Video & Audio Recording time and 35 Hours only Sound Recording time with Motion Detection and Remote control Functions

Latest Clock Spy Camera is just like a normal table clock/ time piece and it can be use as:

Motion Detection Function of Clock Camera:

The camera of spy clock enters into standby mode after power on. When the human indicator detects motions, then it begins video recording automatically for 3 minutes. Then it stops to save the video and enters into standby.

Then again when human indicator detects motion, spy clock camera will again start video recording for 3 minutes and after that it will stop to save the video and enters into standby mode.

clock spy camera will keep this process again and again.

Range of Motion Detection Function: 6 meters = Approximately 19 Feet.

Remote Control Function of Spy Clock Camera:

There are 5 buttons on remote.

First Button is used for power On and Off.

Second Button is used for Taking Photographs.

Third Button is used for Recording Video & Audio

Fourth Button is used for Only Sound Recording.

Fifth Button is used for motion detection mode.

Range of Remote Control: 15-18 Meters = Approximately 49-59 Feet.

Specifications of Spy Clock Camera (with Motion Detection):


Package Includes:

Price: 20,000