Model: IMPT-01-17

Semi Night Vision Tie Spy Camera with Remote Control Function

100% Untraceable Camera, No Status Light,

Invisible USB Port

Model: IMPT-01-17

        Spy Tie Camera is the latest body worn camera in the world. With this spy tie camera you can record anything, anywhere, anytime.Camera is 100% Untraceable.

 Built-In Time/Date stamp, which you can enable or disable according to your needs.

Camera: Latest VGA Technology (Equal to 6-7 Mega Pixels)

Range of Remote Control: 16 Meters = Approximately 50 Feet.

Recording Format: AVI

Video Resolution: 1280*960 (although default resolution is 720 x 480 but it remains crystal clear till 1280 x 960)

Frame Rate: 30

Memory: 4GB

Battery Time: 4 Hours on single recharge

Battery Type: High Capacity Polymer Li-ion Battery

Charge Voltage: DC-5V

Tie Spy Camera / Set Includes

Price: 17,500