Model: IMPK-01-95

Semi Night Vision Spy Keychain Camera, Video Recording Keychain Spy Camera

(Made in Taiwan)

(Especially for Indoor Recording)

Latest Semi Night Vision Spy keychain camera is 3 in one. It can be use as:

Professional Spy Keychain Camera has Latest VGA camera which is equal to 6-7 Mega Pixel. It is just like a normal Car Unlock Remote. It is genuine spy camera, Its camera is 100% untraceable and it does not show any status light or indication on recording mode.

Mini Keychain Spy Camera

The new mini keychain camera offers all-in-one discrete recording of video and audio as well as the ability to take snap shot images. Operation is extraordinarily simple with only two buttons on the camera. Retrieving data is as simple as connecting the device to a computer via the provided USB cable. Compact and inconspicuous design. 640 X 480 high quality video combined with 4 GB of internal memory creates a remarkably tiny recording solution.


Spy Keychain Camera / Specifications

Internal Memory

Device has 4GB of internal memory. Large memory capacity capable of an abundant amount of video storage.

Spy Keychain Camera / Set Includes

     Price: 18,500