Spy Data Recorder

Spy Data & Password Recorder, Key Logger, Keyboard Recorder

Memory: 2 MB

Price: 10,500 (Made in Taiwan)

Hardware Keylogger  is a small external device, plugged into keyboard socket or buit-in. The function of the device is to record any key pressed each time thus creating in its internal memory copy of the text entered by the keyboard. The text recorded in keylogger`s memory is entirely readable, since the keylogger puts together all signs recorded in its memory and forms sentences out of them. Another fact worth mentioning is that the device is able to identify functional keys pressed by the user.

KPS2 device has its internal memory which is not dependent by any means on the computer`s work. KPS2 can store specified number of signs in the memory for any time long. The number of signs is dependent on the size of memory used in the device. Example memory size = the number of pressed keys

512kb = 512000 pressed keys = 3 month period of intensive typing (when working eight hours per day) The device is available with internal memory size: - 512KB- 2 MB

KPS2 as an independent external device plugged into computer keyboard`s port where the keyboard is going to be plugged.

Reading out of data recorded in KPS2 Reading out of data is very simple, any text editor is sufficient for that: e.g. system word pad. After entering unique password Menu with available list of options appears. Data might be reconstructed on any computer it does not require this particular computer with which the keyboard was used. Application of the device and its qualities.

Discreetly intercepts pressed keys in: e-mails, chats, communicators, WWW websites and more.

Built-in memory is capable of storing up to 500,000 pressed keys, which corresponds to around 200 text pages.

Does not require any software to function.

Impossible to detect by program scanners.

Very easy installation like of ordinary keyboard

You do not have to install or learn any additional software, you save your precious time.

Does not make use of computer`s hardware reserves i.e. memory, disc so CPU does not slow down and it does not influence your computer`s stability either.

Works with all operational systems on PC, since it works independently from software - it starts to work as soon as computer starts so it intercepts even BIOS password.

Impossible to detect by scanners for detection of monitoring software.

Unlike in monitoring programs unauthorized user can not delete kept data.

Data are entirely safe from intercepting or modifying by web-intruder.

Interference, or any modification of recorded information is impossible, and additionally kept data are enciphered.