GSM Infinity Video Bug


This product uses the original Japanese chip, with separate real-time monitoring, recording, MMS monitoring functions, small volume, stable performance, simple operation, beautiful and practical, family, education, life indispensable practical products.


- 1. default format message basic format for digital

- 2. boot GSM insert card products where the SIM card slot, the light is often bright 6 seconds to extinguish, products enter the normal working condition. For camera functions, will be stored with the TF card insertion TF card slot. (Note: TF card can support 8G, Not included.)

Shut down the GSM card can be taken out from the product.

- 3. Set of authorized to edit short message sent to the product 000. Products after receiving the short message, set Welcome touse edog your number successfully respond * * * ( owner of the mobile phone number) has bind success!!! The other number cannot be the product operation.

- 4. MMS reply to edit the text message 111 is sent to the product record a 95K size time is about 10 seconds of the video to MMS form to the master number.

- 5. video mode edit SMS 222 sent to the products, the products with the best quality footage and preserved in the TF card, start the video content for the SMS reply before the master, ( video record is beginning please send to stop it later 333!!! ) receives an instruction to start recording.

- 6. edition 333 SMS sent to the products or receive other messages or master master call stop recording ( preserved), and can automatically return to the video record save!!

- 7. recording and editing text messages sent to this product 555. Start recording

Stop recording and editing text messages sent to this product 666. Stop recording and preservation.

- 8. positioning Edit text messages DW sent to this product, it reply current location.

- 9. Auto answer: This product has the function of automatic answer


- Pixels: 4.0MP

- Support system: Win 7, XP, 2003, 2007, Vista

- Video format: AVI

- Operating temperature: -10°C~+60°C

- Playback software: Fast broadcast storm video

- Power: DC 5V

- Battery capacity: 650mAh

- Color: Black(as pictures shown)

- Dimension: 50 x 32 x 14mm(L*W*T)

- Weight: 100g