Model: IMPW-01-10

Wrist Watch Spy Camera (shock proof)

 No Status Light, Invisible USB Port

Spy Wrist Watch Camera is the hottest body worn camera in the world. With this Watch Hidden Camera on your wrist, you can record anything, anywhere, anytime. Camera is 100% Untraceable and it does not show any indication or status light on recording mode.

7 in One Video Recording Wrist Watch Spy Camera can be use as:

 Built-In Time/Date stamp, which you can enable or disable according to your needs.

Shock Proof Function of Wrist Watch Camcorder: It takes 3 still images at a time so you will get at least one crystal clear image even when you are walking or moving your hand.

Camera: Advance VGA Technology (Equal to 6 Mega Pixels)

Recording Format: AVI

Video Resolution: 1280*960

Frame Rate: 30

Photo Resolution: 3264*2448 (8M Pix)

Memory: 8GB

Battery Type: High Capacity Polymer Li-ion Battery

Charge Voltage: DC-5V

Spy Wrist Watch Camera / Set Includes

Price: 14,500