2023 Cell Phone Spy

100% Completely Undetectable, Untraceable and Invisible Spy Phone Software

First Spy Phone Software Which Completely Hacks the Target Mobile

Software can be installed in  Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Symbian Mobile Phones


Cell Phone Spy is software that you install on a mobile phone. After installation software will disappear and nobody can find out that software is installed in target mobile.

After installation,you can: 

Spy Call Listening:

    Listen to phone calls in progress

Spy Call Recording:

    Record incoming/outgoing calls and receive recordings directly to your account

Spy Room Listening:

    Turn target phone’s microphone on secretly to listen in to what’s going on in the room around cellphone

Spy Room Recording:

    Record the surrounding vicinity of the handset and receive recordings directly to your account

GPS Location:

   Get GPS location of target mobile.

SMS Reading:

    Receive duplicate copies of all incoming/outgoing text messages


    Receive all MMS of target mobile

Viber, What s app, Skype, Line, We Chant, Hang out,  Face book

    Recive viber, what's app, line, skype, We Chat, Hang Out and face book chatting in your web account

E-mails Reading:

    Receive duplicate copies of all incoming/outgoing e-mails of target mobile.

Video Recordings

    Secretly upload all videos of target mobile into your account.

Voice Recordings

    Secretly upload all voice recording of target mobile into your account.


    Secretly upload all Photographs of target mobile into your account.

Phone Book:

    Upload all contact in address book to your account.

Call History

    Receive complete call history of target mobile

Browser History:

    Upload complete browser history into your account.


Spoof SMS

    Send SMS from target phone to any number. (You do not need to take target mobile in your hands)

SMS Keyword Deletion

    Delete specific SMS in target mobile.

Password Hacking:

    Secretly get all the passwords of target mobile.

    Password of gmail, Yahoo, Msn, Hotmail, Facebook, and Skype etc. Any password which will be typed on target mobile you will

    receive it.

Mobile Lock:

    You will receive the pattern lock or digits password of target mobile.

SIM Change Notification    

     Receive SMS when SIM is changed. Directly to your PDN mobile phone via SMS


Even More Features...


Target Phone (TP)- The handset which the software file is installed to.

Pre-Defined Number (PDN)- The number which the target phone will be controlled by.

Remote Party (RP)- Another caller with whom the target phone is called by or connected with at any time.

After installation control every aspect of command operation by sending undetectable SMS commands using our free remote control software.