Spy Call Listening

“Spy Call Listening Software”

You can now listen to any conversation that the target is having on the mobile phone!

Spy Call Listening Software enables the user to call the target phone (with the installed software) and listen to the conversations of the incoming or outgoing calls in ghost mode, i.e. answers at zero ring, without call notifications and log creation. No visual or physical changes can be noticed on the target phone.

Spy Call Listening Software will send you notifications of an active call on the target phone. Every time there is an incoming or outgoing call on the target device, you will receive an SMS on your phone with the direction of call (Incoming or Outgoing Call), phone number and name of contact.

If you want to listen this conversation just dial the number of target mobile and you will be able to listen live conversation.

You have the ability to manage the software remotely. The personal secret code allows you to manage the software from any phone in the world.

This release has been developed while maintaining the highest level of security. Spy call listening software requires call conferencing and call waiting to be activated on the target phone.

What is Spy Call Listening Software?

 It Allows you to listen live conversations taking place on the target phone. 

This product is a natural upgrade of the Spy Phone as it includes Conversation monitor, call activity monitor, SMS on SIM change and the ability to listen into Live Calls.

Now you have the ability to chose which calls you want to listen into as you get SMS on successful call connection.

If you have installed the software on your child’s phone then here is what happens:

Spy call listening is a 100% software solution that when installed on the Target handset will enable you to monitor Live Calls. There are no restrictions on monitoring which can be done from anywhere in the world!

With Call Interceptor installed on the target phone you will gain an Unlimited Access to the target phones calling activity. Not even a single call escapes your knowledge.

The Target will not have an idea of what is going on, as it will seem that their phone is still in the same state as it was a call in progress.


Spy Call Listening Software:

ü  Enable you to listen to all Live Call Conversations

ü  SMS indicating of an Incoming or Outgoing call in progress on the target phone

ü  Ability to see contact name and phone number of the call in progress

ü  Get notified when the SIM card of the phone is changed

ü  Instant Notification when the phone is switched on

ü  Completely customizable software that can be managed by SMS

ü  Spy Call Listening Software is 100% stealth. No icons and does not leave call or installation logs.

Spy Mode:

      Listen into all Live Call Conversations


ü  No Visual Indications

ü  No indication of your Incoming call on the target phone

ü  No indication of call in progress on the Target phone

ü  No Flickers

ü  Your number does not appear on the target phone logs

ü  Invisible Configuration SMS

Remote Notifications:

  ü  Get SMS when the phone is Switched ON

  ü  Get Instant notification of calls in progress

  ü  Get Name, Number and direction of call

  ü  Get notified when the SIM card of the phone is changed

  ü   Request Software Status

Remote Management:

  ü  Activate/Deactivate Software

  ü  Change the Pre Define Number

  ü  Change settings of notifications

  ü  Change Password

Installation and Setup Process

Call Interceptor setup requires only one step to configure which is detailed in the manuals sent to you along with purchase.


  Configuration SMS

This function will allow you to configure the software from any phone, anywhere in the world. All configuration SMS sent to the target phone are invisible. They don’t appear in the Inbox or in the SMS logs of the device.



Price: 28,000