Model: IMPW-02-12

Wrist Watch Spy Camera (6 in 1)

 No Status Light, Invisible USB Port

Shockproof Camera with Crystal Clear Audio (Double Mic System)

6 in One Video Recording Wrist Watch Spy Camera can be use as:

 Built-In Time/Date stamp, which you can enable or disable according to your needs.

Shock Proof Function of Wrist Watch Camcorder: It takes 3 still images at a time so you will get at least one crystal clear image even when you are walking or moving your hand.

Camera: Advance VGA Technology (Equal to 6 Mega Pixels)

Recording Format: AVI

Video Resolution: 1280*960

Frame Rate: 30

Photo Resolution: 3264*2448 (8M Pix)

Memory: 4GB

Battery Type: High Capacity Polymer Li-ion Battery

Charge Voltage: DC-5V

Wrist Watch Spy Camera / Set Includes

Price: 14,500