Spy GSM Plug

GSM Worldwide Plug Adapter, Infinity Listening Device

Spy GSM Plug Adapter uses UK military technology GSM module with voice-activated automatic pull back function, can be installed in home, companies, shops and warehouse. This product compact size, voice clear, simple operation, stable performance, without install, remote control etc.




GSM band module: 850/1900MHZ or 900/1800Mhz

Voice sensitive: -75db

Filter mode: 4 sensitivity voice filter

Alert mode: 3 SMS number&1 calling number

Control mode: SMS control

Power: Direct AC power supply

voltage: 100V~240V

AC Power Adaptor: 3 x Adaptors

weight: 145g +

Dimension: 63 x 51 x 47mm

Insert SIM card view:

Please insert Sim card in the right direction as instruction, you will see some edge left outside, Please cut the edge of Sim card.

Note: The cut of edge will not affect Sim cards function


It will start work when plug, then it can auto answer any incoming call.

Functions Setting:

Send SMS GDM1 start voice control, when sound around, the product will call your mobile.

Send SMS GDM2 stop voice control.

Send SMS SJ** set voice control call back interval.

Note: This product no needs charge





      1 x GSM Worldwide Plug Adapter