Spy GSM Black Box

GSM Bug, Spy Listening Device in Pakistan

(Imported from UK)

This incredibly tiny GSM Bug has to be currently the world’s smallest device of its type available in the market today.

It is so small in size that it is just a fraction bigger than SIM card itself, but despite its miniscule dimensions it still provides superb performance.

The unit is designed for easy deployment within the home or office environment.  This superb listening device uses mobile phone (GSM) technology that enables it to be used for remote audio surveillance from anywhere in the world. It has been professionally modified to achieve an incredibly low power consumption resulting in an outstanding 5 day standby time. In addition the highly sensitive microphone with integrated noise filter offers exceptionally clear audio with a listening radius of 15 feet from where the unit has been placed or hidden.

GSM Bug is very simple to use. Simply make a call to the number of the SIM Card that you have inserted inside the device. The unit will automatically answer the call without making noise or sound and open up the integrated microphone to allow listening into the surrounding environment.

Spy listening device has two super secretive microphones it has quite good sensitivity and clarity.

This bug can be used for many different types of audio surveillance and will allow you to call into it and listen to the voice conversations around in the room or car from anywhere in the world live on you mobile phone.

The bug comes with a rechargeable built in battery.

If you are looking for a a high end GSM device with outstanding specifications and performance, then do not mistake our product for anything that may look similar available elsewhere.


Price: 16,000