Spy SMS Reading

Spy SMS Reading Software

Silently obtain a copy of all SMS activity on the target phone on your device!

The Spy SMS Reading Software instantly catches all incoming and outgoing SMS on the target device (where the software is installed) and forwards them silently to the pre-defined number. SMS forwarder has been built via a special in-built SMS Server Engine which assures reliability of the software.

The software does not use the Inbox of the phone to receive or Outbox/Sent Box to send the SMS. This means that the icon of intercepted SMS will not appear on the phone’s screen.

What is Spy SMS Reading Software?

This product allows you get copies of Incoming and outgoing SMS on the target phone. Simply install Spy SMS Reading Software. Once setup, the software will continue to work in the background and send a copy of all SMS to your phone. 

The activity is sent in ghost mode, i.e. there are no logs or indications of SMSes being forwarded.

An Example Scenario:

You child comes back from School

Send a SMS to his friend that you are not home.

You get a copy of this SMS within seconds.

Your Childs friend, responds back.

You get a copy of this response within seconds. 

A 100% software solution that when installed on the target handset will send you copies of all Incoming and Outgoing SMS. Spy SMS reading software works silently in the background without icons or any visible layer and continues to watch for Incoming or Outgoing SMS. As soon as any SMS activity is detected it instantly copies it to you, silently.

The application will hide after installation and will not be visible in the Application Manager or the Installation logs of the device.

The software will instantly send you copies of SMS with the following details:

ü Name of Contact [if exists in phone book]

ü  Phone Number

ü  Direction [Incoming or outgoing]

ü  Body

Application Features

Copies all SMS

Send a copy of all SMS activity to you via SMS. As soon as a SMS is sent or received you get a notification on your device with the details of the SMS activity via SMS. This information is sent to you instantly without delay.

International Application

This application can handle any language know to human beings. From acrylic, Latin or plain English, it captures all text and forwards it. It has no limitation on the type of language, network operator or carrier. Works on all GSM networks anywhere on the planet.

Phone Switched ON notification

The application will silently start up when the device is powered up and send you a notification that it is now monitoring the SMS services.

Remote Configuration

The application can be remotely managed via hidden SMS from any device. These SMS will not appear in the Inbox of the phone and be used to Start, Stop or change the password of the software at any time.

Price: 28,000 

Note: One software only can install on one mobile phone, can't move to new mobile phone.